Business Intel & Market Research

The Science and Medicine Group, with capabilities including BioInfo Market Research, Strategic Directions International (SDI) creator of the SDi Global Report, Instrument Business Outlook a bi-weekly publication subscribed to and read by senior executives in the analytical instrument market, Kalorama Information, and IMV Publishing, combine to form the leading research and advisory firm serving the life science, analytical instrument, diagnostic, healthcare, radiology, and dental industries.

We are a full-service firm utilizing both “bottom-up” and “top down” research methodologies. We maintain and update our database of the financial performance of life science and analytical instrument companies and use proprietary algorithms to allocate revenues across dozens of product categories to create reliable models of market size, share, segmentation and growth.

Our clients, including some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world, use our business intelligence and market research and publications to grow their businesses globally by leveraging our online professional networks of tens of thousands of biomedical researchers (The Science Advisory Board®), radiologists (Aunt Minnie) and dentists (DrBicuspid).

Our expertise includes assessing the size and attractiveness of markets, optimizing product configurations and pricing, validating corporate acquisitions, measuring customers’ brand loyalty, and evaluating brand strength and positioning. Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of industry veterans, market research experts, consultants and survey statisticians.


We are able to effectively gauge the thoughts and actions of the greater scientific and medical communities. We can assist you with any or all aspects of the survey development, implementation and delivery of results. Depending on your needs, you can determine which tasks you would like us to perform and which tasks you may prefer in-house.


When the opinions you seek can only be provided by key industry specialists, we will arrange and conduct in-depth interviews with a smaller, niche group. This type of interview is traditionally used when a topic is highly sensitive or requires in-depth knowledge, or when only a select few have the high degree of experience necessary to provide the critical input you need.

Focus Groups

Online focus groups provide a fast, candid and cost-effective way to find out what scientists think about your products, your company and your ideas. Our expert moderators – market researchers and scientists – know how to speak the language of science, spark dynamic discussion and inspire discovery using this platform. The anonymity of online focus groups promotes honest exchange, and perhaps most significantly, scientists can view your concepts on-screen and provide dynamic input in the comfort of their own labs, offices and homes.

Corporate Development

Corporate growth through mergers and acquisitions can be a risky business. A proposed merger, acquisition or joint venture requires much more than a legal and accounting review. It requires an in-depth understanding of the target’s products, business practices, and brand reputation in the markets where it is active. We are experts at sizing markets, understanding competitive dynamics, quantifying brand equity and utilizing Voice of Customer research to measure loyalty and provide warning of undisclosed problems. Under tight deadlines, we routinely deliver insights to Corporate Development teams on the current and projected future performance of companies to support deal structuring and negotiating complex transactions with a strong grounding in valuation. In the past 24 months, Science and Medicine Group has provided due diligence research that has informed 18 successful transactions worth over $36 billion.

Market Modeling

Our SDi division also possesses unique capabilities in market modeling and forecasting. Drawing from an extensive database spanning decades of historical data on vendors and markets, our market estimates are the most trusted in the industry. We continuously monitor these markets, and update our information, so that you can rely on our models of market size, share, segmentation and growth.

Industry Experience

Our business has focused on solving problems for life science and analytical instrumentation companies for decades. We bring this experience to bear on every project we undertake, in order to provide you not just data, but actionable intelligence. From validating acquisition targets to launching new technology platforms, you can rely on us for expert advice in addressing the challenges you face.